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I have been enabling students to achieve their full potential for 13 years now. I began teaching in 2006 and, before that, on my gap year, I was an assistant in a French school. At GCSE, I gained 12 A*s and 1 A (one mark off an A* - something which, to this day, continues to be the subject of good-natured teasing by friends). Nonetheless, I was awarded the Headmistress' Prize for the Best GCSE results in the school and appeared in the local paper. I then went on to achieve 5 High As (above 90%) at AS and A Level and was given the school award for Outstanding AS Results (2003) and Outstanding A Level Results (2004), as well as both Language Prizes. Being a year young at school, I gained entrance to Cambridge University at age 16, so took a year off to take my Grade 8 Violin exam (passing with Distinction) and divided my year between France and Spain in preparation for study at Cambridge University where I took Part 1 French and Spanish at Queens' College. Though there was a great deal of literary content to the course, I found my passion for literature in my own tongue unsated so I decided to do my Part 2 in English Literature, choosing papers in Shakespeare, Tragedy and American Literature. I feel I thus definitely made the most of my time at Cambridge and, as a result, am able to offer tuition in a range of disciplines.

Despite all this sounding as if I must live with my nose perpetually in a book, whilst at university, I was listed in the Varsity Top 100, a compilation of 'one hundred of the most talented, influential and hard-working students at Cambridge', where I was described as being 'one of the friendliest faces in Cambridge' - and I am still just as friendly now! I am an extremely approachable person and easily develop a rapport with students. However, I am not afraid to let them know when they are not working hard enough and this never comes across as anything other than because I care!

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